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About Us

WE at 1st CLASS SERVICES, are here to serve our community in excellence, by providing resources and information to accomplish one's goals through proven blueprints for success!   YOU ARE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!


1st CLASS SERVICES has the knowledge that success is built through, the principles of seed, time, and harvest! 


Principles Explained:

-SEED: is the investment into oneself, for the enhancement of one's future.  What are you currently investing your finances into?  Will your investments bring forth prosperity OR poverty? 


-TIME: is a non-renewable asset!  Once time is gone, you can never get it back.  What are you doing with your time? Being aware of how you spend your time, can change your life in a moment, by awakening to the treasures inside of you.  By working in the Power of Time consistently, you will bring your dreams into fruition.  What you "envision" will become your reality.  You are the commander of your mind--just as you are the commander of your time!


-HARVEST: is reaping the benefits of your seeds invested inside of you, by diligently and consistently working in time, for your future.


Special Note!!!  You are the result of your seed ,time, and the beneficiary of your harvest!  Your future is shaped by the decisions you make!   


1st CLASS SERVICES' vision is to make an impact across the universe, by leading individuals to self-awareness, which will manifest the desires of their heart, through our proven blueprint of success!!!  



1st CLASS SERVICES' mission is to lead our community, by assisting our clients, with their visions of ENTREPRENEURSHIP and to bring forth their desired outcome; thus, resulting in mental, physical, and financial freedom, not only for themselves, but for their children and their children's children. 



1st CLASS SERVICES' goal is to lead our clients: From a point of concept to a living reality!

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